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Model LM-201 Pocket Digital Scale 


  • Slim design to fit shirt pocket
  • LCD display
  • Button Cells powered
  • Steady plastic case with windowed cover
  • Supplied with black pouch
  • Gram,Ounce,Carat - 3 units switchable
  • Black/Silver Gray/ Light Yellow colours available



Capacity                240g 
Readability             0. l g 
Deviation                0.2g 
Tare range             0-240g 
Platform size          68X73mm 
Stabilization time     3 sec approx.
Ambient temperature 0 C 40 ≧
Overall size (
LxWxH) 135x80x22mm
Net weight              130g 
Power supply          3xSR44 / 1.5V 

   Customer's color available

        Packing: 12 pcs per box, 144 pcs per transportation carton


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