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Triple Beam Balance

Model  MB-2610 Model  MB-2610A


  • Steady Aluminum Alloy Body with stainless steel pan

  • High Accuracy: 0.1gram

  • With Magnetic Damping system for easy and fast reading

  • 3 Weights included

  • Tare Function (model MB-2610A only)


  • Weighing Capacity:                0 C 2610 gram

  • Readability:                      0.1 gram

  • Beams:                100X10g, 500x100g, 10x0.1g

  • Pan size :            15.2cm in diameter

  • Packing:    Poly Foam Plastics and Export Carton

  • Packing Size:         53x39x31cm, (4 sets)

  • Gross Weight:         19kg (4 sets)

    Currently there are two models available: model MB-2610 and MB-2610A, the latter with tare function knob.

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