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   Rheostats ( sliding rheostats ) are commonly used in physics experiments for changing resistance or electric current.  We, with our own factory specialized in producing rheostats, are able to supply full range of sliding rheostats in conformance with Chinese Standards of Ministry Of Education ( GB JY 28-97 ), as well as special rheostats produced according to customers spcifications, desings or drawings.  Send your enquiry at any time.


Single tube Rheostat

Doublet Rheostat

Triplet Rheostat



Specifications for the main models: note: we can supply with user's specifications

Model Resistance Current Rating
J2345 0 - 10Ω 2A
J2345-1 0 - 50Ω 1.5A
J2345-2 0 - 200Ω 1.0A
J2345-3 0 - 1750Ω 0.3A

Other technical features for J2354 series Rheostats

1.Error for total resistance within ±10%。
2.Surface temperature under 300℃。when working contineously
3.Sliding rod made of copper with chrome plated, diameters as below: 

Model J2345 J2345-1 J2345-2 J2345-3
Diameter of sliding rod 4mm 5mm 8-9mm 8-9mm

4.Adopting elestic coupling at the sliding part to ensure close contact and agility in sliding. The contact pressure should be between 0.07 to 0.4kg 
5.Mechanical life should be more than 25000 times of travel of the contact head 
6.Bread voltage between adjascent insulation should be bigger than 1.5V。
7.Insulation bewteen the teminal and the frame should be bigger than 10MΩ,no arc or break through for at least 1 minutes test under 50HZ、2000V test


Specifications of wires used for J2354 series Rheostats

Model Material Diameter of wire
J2345 Constantan wire 0.7mm
J2345-1 Constantan wire 0.5mm
J2345-2 Constantan wire 0.5mm
J2345-3 Constantan wire 0.23mm

Porcelain tubes used require to withstand temperature as high as 500℃, surface whould be glazed. The dimentions and tolerances of the tubes are as below


Model Dimentions and tolerances of the tubes fro Rheostat (mm)
Diamenter Length Error of roundness Non-fatness
J2345 17±1     125±15





J2345-1 30±1      185±15





J2345-2 62±15







J2345-3 62±15








All specifications subject to change

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