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Digital Refractometers

Adopting state-of-the-art technologies of microprocessor, CCD, LED, LCD etc., this series of instruments is characterized by automatic compensation of temperature, digital display, high precision, rapid measuring speed, high reliability, compact, mobility and easy operation/calibration. The 1 inch high big LCD display ensures operator¡¯s easy and comfortable observation. No more eye sight fatigue which is common in the traditional optical refractometers. Small sample consumption: one or two drops of sample is enough for measurement.

General Description:

This series of refractometers can be used for measurements of the sugar content in plants, fruits and melons containing sugar composition, salt content for acqu-culture etc, protein in human urine, freeaing point of auto coolant, etc. in order that the field management of the plants, fruits and melons can be performed appropriately and the ripe term can be precisely determined, and for better implementing quality control during the entering of the materials or the leaving of the products to and from the factories of sugar, wine, cans and beverages etc. and during the production course. 

As of the agricultural area, the impact exerted on the plants containing sugar composition by the measures of seed choice and fertilizers applying can be approximately determined using this instrument.

As of the industrial area, the concentration of the liquids such as liquids for tool-cutting or emulsion can be measured.

Currently we have ten models to supply, check links below:

CXM-120D, 0-35%Brix CXM-121D, 0-45%Brix CXM-122D, 28-65%Brix
CXM-123D, 60-92RBrix CXM-220D, 0-28%Salt CXM-320D,Medical
CXM-420D, Freezing Point, Centigrade CXM-421D, Freezing Point, Fahrenheit CXM-520D, wine/alcohol
CXM-620D, Brix/Salt


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