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Model 2WE Abbe Refractometers,  Digital  Series                               Back

This is a latest compact Abbe type digital refractometer that measures the refractive index (nD) and average dispersion ( nF-nC) of transparent/semi-transparent   liquids and solids, and sugar contens ( Brix ) of liquids. It features circular grating sensor for excellent precision and stability, real-time LED digital display, OSD instruction

Measuring Range for Refracting Index (nD):                   1.3000 - 1.7000 nD
0.0002 nD
Measuring Range for Sugar Concentration ( Brix ):                   0 - 95% Brix
Accuracy for Sugar Concentration ( Brix ):   
          0.05% Brix
Temperature compensation Range for Brix:                                 0 - 70

Dispersion resolution:                                                       0.01 estimated
Minimum value for dispersion:                                                      0.00001

3 models available: Model 2WE-T  - standard model; Model 2WE-TP - standard model with printer port, optional mini plotter pp40; model 2WE-U - advanced model especially for non-sugar users with user-set functions and algorithms. 

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