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Plastics Test Tubes

graduated test tubes

Order No. Spec. Qty./Case Note
G5001 15ml 2000 urine
G5002 5ml 2000 5ml graduation
G5003 2ml 4000 2ml graduation with cover,With mark at 2ml

Test tube, Transparant plastic round bottom

Order No. Spec. Qty./Case Note
G5004 15x100mm 2000 15x100
G5005 13x100mm 3000 13x100
G5006 15x80mm 2000 15x80
G5007 13x78mm 4800 13x78
G5008 12x78mm 4800 12x78
G5009 12x75mm 4800 12x75
G5010 12x60mm 6000 12x60

Test Tube, transparant flat bottom plastic

Order No. Spec. Qty./Case Note
G6001 28x60mm 800 Isotope tube
G6002 16x53mm 2700 16x53 with cover
G6003 14x41mm 4000 14x41 with cover
G6004 12x53mm 4500 12x53
G6005 12x51mm 4500 12x51

Test Tube,centrifuge freezing

Order No. Spec. Qty./Case  
G6006 20x80mm 5000  

Test Tube,sterilized

Order No. Spec. Qty./Case Note
G6007 13x100mm 1800 Female
G6008 12x78mm 2200 Male


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