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        Spectrophotometers Model UV-7230


    This is a general use desktop spectrophotometer working on the visible and near-ultra violet range which can be used for daily and routine qualitative and quantitative analysis in many fields, such as manufacturing workshops, chemical plants, pharmaceutical enterprises,hospitals and clinics, foodstuffs, enviornmental protection, etc.


  • Plano-diffraction grating built monochromator ensures even dispersion over the whole spectrum range with high wavelength accuracy
  • Microcomputer controllor and data processor
  • Direct reading and time printing T.A.C. ( Transmission, Absorption/Extinction and Concentration)
  • 3- 1/2 Digit LED display, sharp and easy reading 
  • 3- digits mechanical counterter to show wavelength
  • Auto calibration of zero and full scale
  • Soft key pad for easy operation
  • Large LED display panel
  • Built-in printer, auto printing

    Main Specifications:

Wavelength Length Range 330-900nm
Spectral Bandwidth 6nm
Wavelength Accuracy \2nm
Wavelength reproducibility 1nm
Stray Radiant Energy <1% at 360nm
Photometric range 0-110%T, -0.041-1.999A/E, 0-9999C
Photometric accuracy \0.5%T
Reproducibility 0.3%T 
Light source 12V/30W tungsten halogen lamp
Sample container 4 position square cuvette chamber
Detector High sensitivity silicon photocell
Cuvettes 5mm, 10mm, 20mm each 4 pcs supplied
Power AC, 220V/50Hz ( or 110V/60Hz at special request )
Dimensions 42x34x15cm
Weight ( N.W.) 10kg




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