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       Model PXSJ-216  Desktop Digital Ion-PH Analyzer

  Main Features

       This instrument, with the latest microcomputer technology, is to be used to measure the ion concentration in water solutions.  The measuring procedure is the same as conventional PH meters.  And is suitable for measuring solution concentration by ways of concentration immediate reading, known adding method, sample adding and GRAM method.

  • Built-in micro-computer control
  • Dot-Matrix LCD display
  • Measures mV,pH,PX and temperature of water solution
  • Storing, deleting, searching and printing of measured results. Up to 50 data entries can be saved
  • For slopd calibration, incl. one point, two point,multi point calibration and multi adding calibration
  • Power-cut protection
  • RS 232 interface to communicate with computer, optional TP-16 printer
  • Strong, streamline plastics case

The stirrer shown in the picture is optional

     Main Specifications

Measuring   Range

0.000   C 13.999pH/pX -1800.0 C 1800.0mV -5.0 C 105.0

0.001pH/pX 0.1mV 0.1
Accuracy 0.0051digit pX 0.03%FS 1 digit mV 0.31 digit
Temperature compensation range 0-60
Sample temperature range 0-60



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