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New Product Released - the 600 series pH Meter

  •  Elegant design 

  • ABS plastics case

  • Soft touch operation, easy of control

  • Single SM PCB, controled by MCU from Texas Instruments

  • Clear, big LCD screen to show pH, Temperature, and more..... 

  • Automatic/Manual temperature compensation for pH ( ATC or MTC )

  • Automatic evaluation of the pH electrode 

  • Automatic evaluation of the temperature compensation

  • Comply with GPL

  • Data saving of measurement results, as much as 1024 groups

  • RS232 port enable data transmited to a PC (model 640/660)

  • Microsoft Excel supported (model 640/660) for easy data analyzing

  • Measuring range as wide as -2 to 16 pH (model 660)

  • Accuracy 0.03/0.01/0.01/0.003 respectively

  • Performance comparative with world's major brands of simialr class

  • Much less cost...

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