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      Model JPSJ-605  Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer


This DO Meter is mainly used to measure the dissolved oxygen of the waterhead in waterworks, aquiculture, city sewage processing, enviornmental monitoring, drinking industry etc.


  •  Desktop, compact size with smooth streamline design
  •  Built-in micro computer control
  •  Digital dot-matrix LCD display
  •  Automatic temperature compensation, reset, full scale calibration
  •  Automatic atmospheric pressure and salinity calibration
  •  Storing, deleting, searching, printing (optional) of results
  •  Data memory: 50 entries
  •  Automatic power-cut protection
  •  With RS-232 data port
  •  Optional printer model TP-16 can be connected for data printing
  •  Best for enviornmental monitoring, aquarium and aquiculture etc.



Measuring Range Dissolved Oxyen: 0.00-20.00mg/l
D.O. Saturation: 0-200.0%l
Temperature: -5.0 - 105.0
Accuracy Dissolved Oxyen:  0.3mg/l1digit at basic temperature, otherwise 0.5mg/l
D.O. Saturation: 5% at basic temperature, otherwise 10%
Temperature: 0.51digit from 0 to 60, otherwise 11digit
Response time < 45sec. ( 90% Response at 20 )
Automatic temperature compensation range 0-40



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