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Fast Infra-Red Moisture Balance

Model SH-10A

This model of fast IR moisture balance is designed for measuring the free water contents in raw material, fuel, grain and cereal, foodstuff, tea, coffee, medicine and pharmaceutical products, textile and forestry products. It is comprised of Infra-red heating unit and high sensitive mechanical balance. During measurement, put the sample on the plate of the balance inside the instrument, turn on the infra-red heating device. The sample, under the direct heat radiation of the IR light, will de-hydrate rapidly. When the water contents inside the sample are evaporated and the weight of the sample become steady, one can directly ready the water content percentage from the optical projection window on the instrument.



Weighing Range 010g
Readability 5mg
Reading scale range 01g(020%)
Grade of accuracy Grade 1
Accuracy of water content determination 0.2%
Adj. Range for temperature 80160
Timer 030 min
Platform size φ100mm
Dimensions 280mmx375mmx560mm
Power 220V/50Hz 260W
Net weight 12kg



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