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Digital Moisture Balance Model DHS20-1

    This multi-function infrared moisture analyzer adopts infrared radiation teating technology and MCS-51 Single-chip microcomputer for rapid and precise determining the moisture contents of samples, substituting for traditional heavy duty process by using ovens and mechanical balances. With easy of use,the moisture of sample can be measured in 30 minutes according to the settings of temperature, time and other conditional parameters after placing the sample on the weighing pan,and at the same time a series of data such as testing time,real time temperature,mass of sample,dehydration rate,moisture percentage of the sample and so on can be printed out when the instrument is in connection with Model PP40 printer (optional). The instrument can be widely used in the fields of pharmacy, foodstuff, tea, tobaco, grain and cereal,chemical,textile,agriculture and forestry,etc.




Reading Accuracy 0.001g
Capacity 0-100g
Temperature Range Ambient to 200
Temperature-Control Accuracy 1
Moisture Measuring Readability 0.1% (sample2g)
Time Range 0240min
Control Mode Programing Control
Pan Diameter 90mm
Dimensions 210mm*360mm*310mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Net Weight 12kg


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