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Digital Moisture Balance Model DHS-16A

    This model of fast Infra-red moisture balance is made on the basis of high precision electronic balance plus heating unit, adopting electro-magnetic balacing and infra-red heating technology under the control of micro computer. This instrument feasures small size, a variaty of functions, easy use, seteady endurance. In addition to weighing calibration, temperature and time setting, manual and auto heating mode selecting, adjustable display parameters, it can be connected with serial printer through RS-232 port for outputing as much as 8 parameters, with 4 output modes selectable. It can be widely used for medicine and pharmacy, foodstuff, tobacco, grain and cereal, chemical industry etc. for laboratory inspection or process controling.




Reading Accuracy 0.001g
Capacity 0-100g
Temperature Range Ambient to 160
Temperature-control Accuracy 1
Moisture Measuring Readability 0.01%
Moisture Measuring Repeatability 0.2%  (sample2g)
Time Setting 0120min
Analytical modes Manual,Automatic
Control modes Program Control
Display Parameter 8Kinds
Pan Diameter 90mm
Dimensions 325mm*195mm*195mm
Power supply
220V (50Hz) or 100V11V(60Hz)
Net Weight 6kg


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