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      Compact TDS Meter,  Model  TDS-1

This TDS meter can be used to quickly and accurately determine the total dissolved solids in water solution, and the result will be better than conventional drying-weight method. It works on the principle of electrical conductivity.

Main Features

  •  Compact design
  •  Small size
  •  Light weight plastic case
  •  Built-in battery
  •  High mobility
  •  Simple operation
  •  Dial-meter display




Measuring Range              in 3 steps  0-50 mg/l
 0-500 mg/l
 0-5000 mg/l
Relative Deviation in comparison with drying-weight method  5% for 0-50mg/l 
 8% for 0-500mg/l 
 8% for 0-5000mg/l 
Repeatability  2
Temperature Range for sample  10 - 60C (ATC)
Power  9 V battery
Net Weight  300g
Dimensions  84 x 130 x 92 mm


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