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      Desktop Digital Conductivity Meter,  Model DDS-307

A low cost, desktop, general use conductivity meter, with attractive design and static, reliable electronics to be ready used for routine checking of water quality in laboratories and other applications such as enviornment protection, water discharge monitoring and other researches..

Standart setup

Model DDS-307 Conductivity Meter, main body,  1 set
Conductivity Electrode -DJS-1, 1 piece
Universal Electrode Holder, DDS-01, 1 piece
AC Power Cable, 1 piece
Fuse, spare, 2 pcs
User's manual, 1 piece


  • Desktop design,streamline plastics case 
  • LED digital display, 3 1/2 digits
  • Manual temperature compensation
  • Cell constant and 10.0cm-1 optionally available at buyer's choice
  • Auto-switch of measuring frequency
  • Choose Titanium electrode of 0.01cm-1 and sealed measuring chamber for measurment of high purity water.
  • AC powered ,220%10V, 501Hz
  • DC output 0-10mV 



Measuring Range 0 - 1x105S/cm  in 4 steps:

0-2S/cm;    0.2-20S/cm;    2-1104S/cm;        1104-1105S/cm

Resolution 0.01cm-10.1cm-11.0cm-110.0cm-1
Accuracy 0.33%FS 1digit / 3h
Error 0.5%FS 1digit
Electrode Constant 0.01,0.1,1.0,10.0  cm-1
Power AC, 220V, 50Hz optional 110V,60Hz
Temperature Compensation 15 - 35C
Dimensions 29020075mm
Weight 1 kg

Optional Accessories

Universal Electrode Holder, DDS-01
Conductiviry Electrode, DJS-10 
Conductiviry Electrode(Glossy), DJS-1 
Conductiviry Electrode(Black), DJS-1
Conductiviry Electrode(Glossy), DJS-1C 
Conductiviry Electrode(Black), DJS-1C
Conductiviry Electrode, DDS-260 
Conductivity Measurment Slot, DDS-011 
Conductiviry Electrode, Platinum, DJS-0.1 
Conductiviry Electrode, Titanium Alloy, DJS-0.01 


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