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       Bilge Alarm, or Oil Content Meter,  for ship bunk use, marine applications, monitoring the oil content in bunk water before discharging to the sea or river, a must for enviornmental protection for all ships.


15ppm Bilge Alarm / Oil Content Meter 
Model GQS-206

Conforming with IMO MEPC.107(49) Standards

Xiamen, June 2007

We are glad to announce the release of model GQS-206 15ppm bilge alarm / oil content meter designed according to the IMP Resolution MEPC.107(49), a major and completely new release since the successful and famous model GQS-186 of the 1990's.

The new bilge alarm features seperate structure with independant control chamber and detection chamber, with unique 5-beam light path structure to ensure accuracy and steability, strong automatic alarming capabilities completely in compliance with IMP Resolution MEPC.107(49), easy installation and operation.

The display unit is large size LCD ( liquid crystal display panel ), the latest display unit, therfore with built-in micro computer, the interface for GQS-206 is more intuitive and user-friendly, and offers much more information from the display panel compared to conventional models using LED display.

Using built-in micro-computer, the data processing and searching functions are much stronger too.
Protection grade of IP65 makes it more safe. 

This equipment is a must for all ships sailing in international waters since 2006 for the sake of enviornment protection.

Main Specifications:

Metering Range 0-30 ppm
Metering Accuracy 155 ppm (as per IMP MEPC.107 (49))
Response Time 5 seconds
Display Large-Screen LCD
Alarm Point 1-15 ppm (adjustable by user as necessary)
Relay Load Capacity
        Maximum Switching Voltage 250VAC/30VDC
        Maximum Switching Current 3A
Delay Time of Alarm Point 1 1-10 seconds
Delay Time of Alarm Point 2 1-240 seconds
Sample Water Pressure 0.01-0.8 MPa
Sample Flow Rate 0.1-4 L/min. 
Power 110/220V 50/60Hz auto fit
Power Consumption Around 15W
Operating Temperature 1-55C
Sway 22.5
Enclosure Rating IP65
Dimensions 360260150mm
Net Weight About 9 kg
Packing Foam plastics and strong export carton
Packing size 49x41x24cm
Gross Weight 11kg

Set includes:

Main unit conforming with IMP Resolution MEPC.107(49)
Cleaning Brush 
Rubber O Ring 32 for Flow Regulator 
Rubber O Ring 20 for Flow Regulator 
Fuses (F1:2A F2:1A) 
8 Ball Valves 
8 Tee Coupling 
8 Singe Ferrule Connectors 
8 Double Ferrule Connectors 
8 Straight Pipes 
Users Manual 
Product Quality Certificate issued by China Classification Society

Origin of production: Xiamen,China.

Availability: we usually have ready stock for small orders. For bigger orders please contact us.

For User's Manual in English language, please download here. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view it.  For more information please contact us directly.


   Below is older models of our Bilge Alarm / Oil Content Meter, monitoring equipment used to continuously detecting the oil content in water, suitable for enviornmental protection, petro-chemical industry, port, ship's water discharge monitoring.  The product is in compliance with standards of MEPC60(33), and are still in use in some occassions.


Model GQS-186, digital model


  •  Microcomputer controled, digital display ( model GQS-186 ), and analogue display ( model GQS-177 )
  •  Not influnced by particles in suspension in water, oil types, water colors.  Sample require no regent treatment.
  •  Fast Reaction, respond time less than 20 seconds
  •  Automatic monitoring
  •  Alarm when oil content over setting
  •  Auto protection of water-cut



Measuring Range 0-30ppm, 0-200ppm
Accuracy 155ppm
Sample pressure range 0.035-0.14MPa
Power AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Ambient temp. 0-55C
Humidity <95%RH
Protection IP45

   Model GQS-177, Analogue model, specifications same as above

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